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Describe the horror of trench warfare.
Jenna W.
4/13/2010 06:22:11

Some of the horrors of trench warfare were, lice,magots, water,mud,stench, and the horrible sensation that they are going to die.

Theron Waldner
4/13/2010 06:34:46

I am like totally overjoyed at the fact that I don't have to live in the trenches that's alive and crawling with worms, lice, maggots, and the unbearable stench of death, and of dead bodies. Also, I'm glad that I'm not getting fired at and the shells of enemy lines exploding mere feet from my face. I'm grateful that this horror hasn't struck me.

Theron Waldner
4/13/2010 06:41:19

I'm grateful that I'm not stuck in the trenches with the mice, rats, maggots, lice, and with the unbearable stench of death, and of the stinking corpses of your buddies, like beside you, totally bloody and battered. Also, I'm glad that I'm not getting fired at by enemy artillery, and that the enemy shells exploding only mere feet from my face.

4/13/2010 06:52:49

I woudn't want to have been a soldier in the trenches. Imagine sleeping in blood and mud, maggots eating out your eyes, rats crawling around eating dead bodies and your friends guts spurting out of holes and then they join the rest of those dead bodies lying around! I'd say it would be practically impossible to find me there.

4/14/2010 04:34:12

Lice, magots, insects, wetnes, smelly, coldand thinking yoou will die


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