Activity #1 - Decker Colony School
Activity #1
Write a short summary of your novel (1-2 paragraphs).  Remember to pay close attention to proper sentences, paragraph structure and correct spelling. 
4/13/2010 04:47:07

A boy called Morris Rumpel gets to fly to his grandma and grandpa's farm. When he arrived his granparent's looked different. they went home. The next day his granpa told him that there were two very rare peregrine falcons nesting near the farm and he was afraid that somebody might try to steal them. He also told him he was working on a project called " The Wings of Icarus" and it was a hang glider. The next day they went to a bake sale and Morris spent all his $15.45 on three pies and a bird book.
When the wings of Icarus were done they waited for a nice day and then his granpa took of when he didn't return for a while he took their horse and galloped of to where he had last seen him. He found him tied to a tree and his granpa said that he had seen two people near the nests, then they had shot him down and tied him up. then they found that the falcons were gone his granpa used the bright red colour to mark the spot where the bad guys' boat was and then they rode home and called a patrol boat to arrest the people in the boat!

4/13/2010 04:48:22

Michelle's sister Terez, is bugging her to stop being friends with Dora Klutzman. Michelle's mother tells her she has to stop being her friend, because Dora is unpopular and might get teased. If Michelle were next to her she would get teased to. Michelle of course, has to obey.
Dora writes to Michelle because she cannot talk to her. Once she gives her a poem, called Peanut Butter is Forever. When Michelle forgets to do her homework, which is writing a poem, she hands in Klutzy's (her nickname) poem instead.
The teacher loves the poem and hangs it out in the hall. The school's newspaper, seeing the poem, wants her to work on a poem column.
Michelle knows she has to tell the truth. She tells the newspaper and Klutzy gets the job. Klutzy becomes popular, and Michelle's Klutzyban is off. They become friends again.

Theron Waldner
4/13/2010 05:04:34

Andrew Tolliver, who lives in Harmony, is caught by two bank robbers. The robber who stole the money, posing as old Deeks, went into the bank with a pistol and demanded money. But since the banker and old Deeks were friends, the banker suspected that his buddy was only trying to pull his leg.
On the way out of the store, Andrew, to his misfortune, noticed the robber's face, and the robbers had to take him along with them for fear that he would give them away to the police. But right at the train, when the robbers were about to make a quick getaway, they released Andrew, but instead of going home, he ran after the train and jumped aboard. On board he met old Deeks, who felt that he was disrespected because he was blamed for the robbery. But on board, Andrew and old Deeks captured the robbers, and turned them over to the police.

julian waldner
4/14/2010 02:02:07

In my book two kids willy and laura have been to 4 foster homes and now are at their 5th. just when thay have sateled in ther drunken father thretens willy that he will hurt his mother if he dosnt give him all his cash every week. willy works at a pizza place. He hiers his frend kurt to help him. but one day willy is acused of stealing forty dollers, so he runs away . but he was charged with mischef.


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